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Enrollment FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to Camden Prep?

Families may apply to Camden Prep through Camden Enrollment online at, via a telephone hotline (856-536-3999 ) or by visiting any of our schools. Be sure to make Camden Prep your #1 choice on the application.

What is Camden Enrollment?

Camden Enrollment is a system of choice where all families can access great schools for their children, regardless of the school’s status as district, charter or renaissance. Students may rank up to eight (8) school choices – district, charter, or renaissance – on a single application. They will then receive a single offer to attend their highest ranked available school.

Why do I have to apply to Camden Prep through Camden Enrollment? What are the benefits?

In the past, families had to navigate multiple applications, competing timelines, and dual processes during the enrollment season. Camden Enrollment streamlines this process by consolidating applications, timelines and processes across all public schools in Camden into a single system that all public schools follow. Families are now able to apply for up to eight (8) schools of their choosing with one application.

Are there any requirements to apply and be admitted into Camden Prep?

You must be a resident of Camden to enroll in Camden Prep. For Kindergarten students, they must turn 5 by October 1st of the year you would like to enroll them. There are no entrance exams, admission interviews or fees required.

Why does Camden Prep recommend I rank them first on the application?

The Camden Enrollment matching process will make every effort to match a student to their school choices in the order in which they are ranked on the application. Therefore, your greatest chance of admittance into Camden Prep is to rank us #1 on your application. If another school is ranked as your first choice and the system matches your student to that school, you will no longer be considered as an applicant for Camden Prep.

For which grades does Camden Prep accept applications?

Camden Enrollment will accept applications for Camden Prep for Kindergarten through 8th grade. If you are interested in attending any grade in Camden Prep, be sure to list Camden Prep as your #1 choice on the application. This will give you the best chance for available seats, and ensure you are included on our waitlist if no seats are currently available.

I would like to apply for all of my children through Camden Enrollment. Do I have to complete an application for each child, or can I just complete one application and list all of their names?

You must complete a separate application for each child and include a list of ranked schools on each application. If you want your children to attend the same school, be sure to list your preferred schools in the same order on each application, and check the box labeled “sibling link.” Keep in mind that this may mean your children attend a lower ranked school choice on their application. If it is ok for your children to attend different schools, do not check the box labeled “Sibling Link.”

How are students matched to schools?

After the application window closes, an automated computer software program will match each student with the best possible school based on the student’s choices and the policies of the enrollment system. This computer software is used in several other districts with centralized enrollment systems, and has been customized for Camden’s needs. Students will learn of their matches in early May 2019.

Can I select which campus my child will attend?

Campus placement is not guaranteed due to space limitations. We do however make an effort to “zone” students to the campus closest to their home. Campus placement will be communicated during the registration process.

I want to enroll in Camden Prep for this school year (2017-18) do I need to submit an application via Camden Enrollment?

Yes. If you’d like your child to attend Camden Prep for this school year (2018-19), you must complete an application through Camden Enrollment on your computer or smartphone at, by calling a telephone hotline (856-536-3999), or by visiting any of our schools. Make sure to select the correct school year on the Camden Enrollment application.

When will I learn about my school match?

Families will be notified by Camden Enrollment in early May of their child’s match. If you applied online or by smart phone, you will also be able to view your school match by logging back into your account.

When are students called off the waitlist to enroll?

Students on the waitlist are enrolled into our schools as seats become available for the grade in which they have applied. For a seat to become available in grades K – 8, a current family must transfer out of our schools. In the event that a current family leaves, we refer to the waitlist and contact families in the order that they appear on the waitlist.

My child is on the waitlist and has not been called yet. Do I need to reapply every year?

Yes. Students on the waitlist must reapply every year through Camden Enrollment if they are still interested in attending Camden Prep.